How To Successfully Pass An Interview

The Importance Of Passing A Good Interview

People sometimes feel that they can walk into an office and or a workplace and pass an interview without prior preparation. This concept is false. Not only do we have to research about different interview methods we also have to put it into practice in order to truly stand out during the interview process. Popular athletes and celebraties such as Kevin Sheehan usually have conduct interviews before and after their games or entrance to a main event. Question such as “how are you feeling right now” “what were your thoughts when… happened”, “What was running through your mind when … happened” would generally be asked but it takes more strategies than that when it comes to passing an interview in person for a specific job. There are so many people that have the expertise and have the talent but fail miserably when it comes to interviews simply because they were not prepared prior to the actual date. Though in life we should not judge one another, and people should be free from biased assumptions based on certain character traits for this particular situation the first impression matters greatly and cannot be overemphasized. Preparation is a big deal and should be taken extremely seriously. The hiring manager can tell when the potential candidate did not come in prepared. Certain questions would not be answered properly. Certain body language would be displayed showing the insecurity and uncertainty of the candidate.


Important Steps To Take


The first step to a successful interview is to do your own homework specifically regarding the company in question. For instance,Kevin Sheehan’s favorite way to do his homework is to research about different methods and ways to excel during the interview process. Finding out what type of questions the employer to be would ask. It is mandatory to research about the company all together in order to get an in-depth knowledge of the background and functioning of the company.  You should know what it stands for as a company. What are its main profiles what direction is it looking at taking in the near futures? How is the company managing all together? What do they stand for? What are their values? The answer to all these questions would put you at an advantage as a potential candidate as it will demonstrate to the manager in question that you are interested in the company and that you are taking your interview process very seriously.  Once you have gone through an in-depth research about the company you can then review the questions that such companies would ask you based specifically on the position that you are going for. It is not good enough to search for the common interview question, you must tie those questions into the specific job you are going for. There are the basic generic questions that they usually ask you for most jobs, but it is also important to think out of the box and know that your potential employer may ask you other question.

Speaking About Yourself

You would usually at some point be asked to speak about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses. Do not be shy to elaborate about your strong point. Usually candidates feel as though speaking about themselves in an over-confident manner would give the impression that they are conceited and are bragging about themselves, but this is false. Instead it demonstrates to the employer that you are confident and that you know what you are about. There is however a thin line between confidence and conceit therefore you must master the art of speaking about yourself with poise and confidence without giving the impression of being arrogant. In the even that there are weaknesses related to the specific job requirement it is very important to be completely transparent and honest with your employer to let them know that these are the subjects that you have not perfected but that you are working on . They will always appreciate your honestly.


Ask Questions, Dress The Part

It is important to have your specific questions that you will be asking them as well. The interview process is not only about the employer getting to know you but about you getting to know your employer. It also shows your potential employer that you are very interested in the position and that you have gone into great lengths to understand certain processes and procedures but have certain questions. Make sure to bring all the required documents requested from the employer as well as dress appropriately and professionally.