A Handy Snapshot Guide to Self-Motivation

It’s inevitable that if you work a high-strung job (whether or not you love it) and you find yourself running around will little to no time to sleep or spending at least an hour every day practicing self-care principles, that you may fall into a rut where you no longer feel motivated to move forward with your simple to-do tasks for the day. Burnout is a real, pertinent issue in North America especially for white-collar workers who feel like they need to burn the midnight candle every single night in order to get ahead and possibly promoted. One Montreal woman paved through the corporate world so quickly that she ended up earning five promotions in five years. The issue is when you let stress get the most of you and find that you are no longer productive at work since you feel like all the work you have piles up. If you’re feeling like you are always catching up, then you should take look into Handy’s easy-to-follow guide to how to remain self-motivated even when your environment is working to deter you.


Reframe the Basics with Purposeful Goal-Setting


One of our favorite ways to reframe ourselves and clear our mind of unnecessary negativity and worries is investing more time and energy into the goals that make a greater difference in your life. This can be in the form of a creative project that your heart has always been set on but you haven’t had enough time to dedicate time on. Spending 30 minutes a day towards writing your fictitious novel or creating your business plan may be the breakthrough you need to feel like you are accomplishing something of importance. If your career is draining you because you do not love what you are doing, this may be the moment you should take to realize that perhaps you should be pursuing a different domain. If you do love your work but still find it overwhelming and difficult to manage, the most successful (and busy) people believe in taking at least twenty minutes every Sunday to take a look at your week’s calendar and determine what Plan A is. If you don’t have a Plan A, how in the world can you even have a Plan B?


Take a Brain Break


Handy make it a mission to allow their employees’ brains to take a moment for cerebral thinking by being flexible with vacation and care dates. Care days are when a Handy cleaner, TV mounter, painter or whoever it may be that works for the company (both contractors and headquarter employees) feel like their job is getting the best of them, they can take the day off to be one with themsleves. In an environment where mental health issues are at its peak, you need to realize that your greatest assets are the people who work and represent your brand. Especially in the service industry, a burned out employee is less likely to deliver stellar service than if they’re in a happy and relaxed mood.