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These are the biggest trends in restaurant interior design

In the service trades trends change, tastes develop and customers are attracted to the fresh and new, and this is particularly the case with the restaurant industry. If you want to stay ahead of the game it’s important to acknowledge the current trends in restaurant interior design.

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Why being on trend is important

Twenty-first century diners are much more into visual stimulation than they ever have been, especially those in the younger, Instagram confident age groups. In general, customers rely on feeling comfortable with all aspects of a restaurant to get the most out of their experience, so they expect not just the food to look good, but the decor to be modern, relevant and well put together. Making the effort to meet these needs will pay off with both repeat and new customers. So if you need a few hints here’s a brief look at the most popular trends for this year.

Wild walls

Bold nature-based wallpaper prints are the hottest way to bring the outdoor eating experience into the cosy comfort of the indoor seating plan. It’s easier than having lots of dusty, allergy prompting plants around, and can be revamped as and when trends change.

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Bespoke lighting

Maximising the lighting opportunities is a hot topic in current restaurant design and refitting. Having areas which can be made dimmer or brighter as appropriate allow one venue to cater to everything from birthday parties to romantic date nights at the same time

Stylish equipment

Current trends to open up kitchens to the diners can extend to having top-class equipment on show too. If you have a salad bar, for instance, then a good-looking saladette counter, which can be sourced from a specialist such as, are focal and talking points for appreciative diners.

Changing up the seating plans

Traditionally, restaurants have usually had tables for two, four, six or eight, with the locations of each being informally ranked in order of desirability, from the window seats to the table near the bathroom. The current trend is to lean more towards communal eating, with round tables or longer picnic-style set-ups. This not only allows for more people to eat at the same time, it also provides opportunities for solo diners to enjoy a meal in a more communal environment.