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Brad Roemer on why you should get a minimalist design

Brad Roemer is without a doubt one of Oakland, CA’s best real estate agents. But we’re not here to talk about his work as an agent, we’re here to talk about his work as an interior designer. Today, Roemer is with us to talk about minimalism. It’s a design technique that is widely used in modern art, graphic design, and advertisements. You’ll find popular examples of it in Coca Cola’s ads, for example. Brad, Let’s talk design.


What Does Minimalism Mean To You


First of all, most people will tell you that minimalism to them is the use of empty space and throwing away any unnecessary appliances or objects from the room. I disagree. You can be minimalist and still have a ton of stuff in the room. Take a look at this picture, for example:

That room, believe it or not, has a minimalist design.


It’s full of books though? How could that be?


Well, let’s look at the layout of the room and how everything is arranged. Notice how the staircase is in the corner. It’s completely out of the way in order to be unobstructive. Next is the book placement and shelf design. Look at the shelves. They look paper thin. Now look at the books. They line the wall. However none of that is as important as this next piece: the furniture. The use of furniture here is absolutely minimal. Two couches, and a long reading table. That’s it. I imagine this room to be in some kind of library. The idea of minimalism in this room is that there are very few things in the way.


Now there can be such things as brutally minimal designs like this one:

This design is so minimal that there is only one cat! Just some light humor. But look at the choice of paint and furniture. This room takes on a very brutalist design, and dare I say, this is a bold choice on the part of the designer.