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Choosing a business smartphone

In our quick lifestyle it becomes more and more important to work from everywhere. Smartphones allow us to stay in touch and be online 24/7. With such a wide variety of modern phones, it can be difficult to choose the best smartphone for work, which will meet all your needs. Below are some considerations intended to help you find a real working tool.

Wireless Carrier
The basic function of any phone is making calls. So, first of all, think about a reliable wireless carrier. The main aspects that should be taken into account here are coverage, customer service and price. Proper cellular coverage is necessary for good mobile connection both in your location and the areas you are going to visit. Check coverage maps of several providers and look through user feedbacks. The latter also can be used for finding a provider with decent customer support service. Talking about costs, they are generally similar within the main providers. Just choose a tariff plan which suits your demands.

Company support
The second step is finding a smartphone supported by your employer’s IT department. Company support comes in handy when you need some remote setup or have troubles with company-provided resources. If you are searching for a smartphone mostly for work and connecting company resources like Microsoft Exchange Server, then stick to Windows Mobile and Blackberry platforms. Those operating systems offer the best enterprise support and business features.

Talking about mobile operating systems, there are fans of each of them. Still, some OS are more business-oriented while the others aren’t. The most common phone OS are iOS, Android, Windows

Mobile and Blackberry.
iOS is produced by Apple company and comes with iPhones, iPads and iPods. It is featured by high speed of system work and a whole load of applications. Moreover, the iPhone has become a symbol of success and style. So, if you are interested in buying an Apple device, compare iPhone pricesin your region.
Android, made by Google, is the second popular mobile OS. Its main difference from the rest of the operating systems is that it comes with different smartphone brands. Besides wide choice that make them totally affordable, Android phones are fully customized and provide a good app store.
Windows Mobile is a business system, because it supports many computer options such as Microsoft Office and cloud storages.
Blackberry OS has great backup, restore and emailing capabilities. Though having a short choice of apps, it is really good for remote working.

Hardware features which may turn to be vital in your working process are high voice quality and a handy keyboard. Almost any business requires much telephone talk. In this case your mic and dynamic should enable you to hear and be heard clearly. For people whose job includes working with documents, a physical keyboard may be a solution. And this demand narrows the choice to the phones like Motorola Droid 2. If you work is just like this, check out Moto prices online and compare the features.